The Faculty of Medicine, founded in 11 July 1992 with the law numbered 38375 accepted in 03.07.1992, started the education and teaching with 21 students in the educational year 1995-1996. The Faculty of Medicine has been continuing the education and training in its closed modern building having 5800 square meter space as of 2008. Since the beginning of its foundation, it has graduated 573 students and there are still 164 students in the first semester, 172 students in the second semester, 135 students in the third semester, 166 students in the fourth semester, 125 students in the fifth semester and 98 students in the sixth semester, all of which are 860 students in the Faculty of Medicine. The Faculty of Medicine offers service with 3 Divisions (Basic Medical Sciences, Internal Medicine and Surgery), 40 Main Science branches and 20 Science branches together with 177 professors, 5 Specialist and 235 Instructors. The main purpose of our faculty is primarily to prepare the students to be Practitioner Medical Doctor needed by our country with a qualified education Schedule. Our objectives are to train Medical Doctors who will be able to treat the medical problems they will meet or to direct the patients to the right health institutions to be treated there in time and to be able to monitor their patients with a bio-psycho-social integration following the medical ethics rules and patient human rights and their professions, administrating the laboratories and clinics they are responsible for and in the first step Health Instiutions following the medical development and transferring the developments to the medical applications using the limited sources of our country most fruitfully primarily determining the health problems of the area and the country aiming to find solution methods and contributing to the universal science.

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