Department of Anatomy

 After the foundation of the Faculty of Medicine on 1 March 1994, Professor Saliha SOYDAN from the Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Ege University was temporarily appointed as the Acting Head of Department of Anatomy. Undergraduate education started in 1995-1996 academic year. In 1996, Assistant Prof. Tuncay VAROL was appointed to the Department. In 1999 Assistant Prof. Özlem ASLAN joined to the staff. In 2000, Assistant Prof. Prof. Tuncay VAROL got his Assoc. Prof. degree. Assistant Prof. Özlem Aslan left the Deparment in 2000 and in 2001 Assistant Prof. Ertuğrul TATLISUMAK joined the Department. In 2002 Dr. Enis Cezayirli joined the staff as specialist of ANATOMY. In 2003 Dr. Enis CEZAYİRLİ was appointed as Assistant Prof. to the Department. In 2004, Dr. Ceyda HAYRETDAĞ ÖRS finished her specilisation in ANATOMY and was appointed to the Department as specialist. In 2006, Dr. Ceyda HAYRETDAĞ ÖRS was appointed to the Department as Assistant Professor. In 2007, Assoc. Prof. Tuncay VAROL was appointed as Professor. In 2009, Assistant Prof. Ceyda HAYRETDAĞ ÖRS left the Department. In 2010 Assistant Prof. Ertuğrul TATLISUMAK and in 2011 Assistant Prof. Enis CEZAYİRLİ got their Assoc. Prof. titles. In 2017 Assoc. Prof. Ertuğrul TATLISUMAK was appointed as Professor. Currently, Chairmanship of Anatomy Department is executed by Prof. Dr. Ertuğrul TATLISUMAK.

Dr. Ertuğrul TATLISUMAK, MD, Professor 

Dr.Tuncay VAROL, MD, Professor, 

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