Department of Cardiovascular Surgery

Clinical practices in Celal Bayar University Department of Cardiovascular Surgery have gathered speed since 2002 after the development of Heart Center as a seperate building.  Our center includes 2 special operating rooms and a fully equiped intensive care unit.  All cardiovascular approaches are succesfully carried out, new scientific and technological developments are closely pursued in this center. In order to obtain a respected and pioneer position nationaly and internationaly we carefully continue our studies in the cardiovascular surgery department.

Our mission:

Our mission is to become a nationaly and internationaly respected institution in care, research and education in the field of “ Cardiovascular Surgery”. 

Our vision:

Raising modern doctors with high occupational knowledge. Developing research that achives new creation and information. Being aware that cardiovascular diseases and related deaths are major public issues, expanding and developing the range of our care. Providing high quality and high level services 

Our values:

Team spirit, courage, discipline, respect, honesty, academic freedom, justice.

Strategical Goals:

Achieving modern education levels

Providing the latest information and knowladge to our students

Helping our students understand the basics and common approaches of cardiovascular surgery

Supplying our residents with enough information and operational knowladge during their 5 years of residency.

Increasing the types of operations that are performed in our center.

Teaching our residents all forms of congenital and adult cardiovascular surgical approaches

Following technological and scientific changes and adopting them into our practice

Keeping operation rooms and intensive care unit up-to-date

Optimising our infrastructure in order to provide excellent healt care

Forming “Cardiovascular Teams” with other clinical practices

Improving the use of catheter guided techniques in our practice

Creating the new infrastructure for cardiac transplant and TAVI procedures.

Creating a peacefull work enviroment for all of our personel.

Making additional changes for performance improvement.

Becoming an internationaly recognised center in cardiovascular care

Improving success rates in all of our applications

Increasing the number and quality of our surgical approaches

Decreasing the length of stay after major operations

After the development of the new “Heart Center” building our clinic will be able to perform hybrid operations. The new Heart Center will become operational at the end of 2014.

Dr. Mustafa CERRAHOĞLU, MD, Professor (Head of Department)

Dr. Ömer TETİK, MD,Professor 

Dr. İhsan İŞKESEN, MD, Professor

Dr. Adnan Taner KURDAL, MD,Associate Professor,

Dr.Funda YILDIRIM, MD, Specialist

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