Department of Forensic Medicine

Celal Bayar University Medical School, Department of Forensic Medicine was founded in 2000. Dr. Mahmut AŞIRDİZER and Dr. Yıldıray Zeyfeoğlu were appointed to the academic position in 2002, Associate Professor Dr.Mehmet Sunay YAVUZ was joined the staff of department and education department was configured by  these faculty members.

Our department has been providing educational services and continuing academic activities within the faculty since 2002, however we try to meet the demands of prosecutors and courts with the polyclinic service.


Faculty of Medicine, theoretical forensic medicine course of class 3,

Faculty of Medicine, forensic medicine practice of class 5,

Faculty of Medicine, forensic medicine training of class 6 (2 week rotation of intern doctors) are carried out by our department.



Research assistants are appointed by the medical specialty exam. Forensic Medicine Specialist’s education is based on providing experience and training that will be needed in the field while working as a professional in addition to ensuring an environment to study on forensic medicine.

Depending on course schedule, education of research assistants is being continued. Biweekly, topics prepared are presented in seminar-literature hour.

In the period of four year education, evaluating of forensic cases which apply to Celal Bayar University Medical School, in addition to forensic examination and autopsy education at Council of Forensic Medicine, İzmir Group Presidency and two-month Psychiatry, two-month Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, six-month Pathology rotations are implemented.

Our aim is to process new generations who is objective, believes the rule of law, respectful to human rights, our democratic and secular republic.

 Our mission in this direction, work and work harder.

 Dr.Sunay YAVUZ, MD, Professor  (Head of Department)

Dr.Yıldıray ZEYFEOĞLU, MD, Assistant Professor,

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