Department of General Surgery

Department of General Surgery, Celal Bayar University, School of Medicine has been installed in 1992. The main goal of General Surgery Department from the past to the present, is to give the basic and modern surgical skills to the senior lecturers and medical doctors as well with the current theoretical knowledge.

Department of General Surgery furnishes services with 34 beds in clinics, 13 beds in intensive care unit and a polyclinic for out-patients. The occupancy rate of our department is nearly total and approximately 1300 surgical operations have been done per year. Major surgical operations which need wide surgical experience in the field of upper and lower gastrointestinal surgery, breast and endocrine surgery, as well with hepatobiliary surgery are also being performed by our surgeons. On the other hand, both gastroscopic and colonoscopic interventions could be performed in the surgical endoscopy unit. Unit of transplantation is being installed nowadays.

The training programme of senior lecturers in General Surgery is 5 years. They also take on different responsibilities due to their own level of knowledge and surgical skills. They are legally obliged to perform all their surgical rotations in various clinics during this period with decreasing number of regular turns as the years past. Currently, four senior lecturers have been attending their surgical training programme in our department.

Scientific seminars and training schedule take part on Friday of each week during the academic year. Discussion of scientific papers, case reports, seminars, clinical mortality and morbidity reports and also interactive meetings with other departments are being done within the meeting room of our department. Online scientific access to current surgical journals and books could easily be supplied via net system and electronic library of Celal Bayar University which is quite comfortable to academic staff. Besides, one can easily reach many books about surgery in the library of our own department all day long.


Dr.Yavuz Kaya, MD, Professor (Head of Department)

Dr.Teoman Coşkun, MD, Professor

Dr.Mustafa Tireli, MD, Professor

Dr.Mehmet Yamaç Erhan, MD, Professor

Dr.Hasan Aydede, MD, Professor

Dr.Eray Kara, MD, Professor

Dr.Aslan Sakarya, MD, Associate Professor

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