Department of Medical Biochemistry

Medical Biochemistry Department 

The Department of Biochemistry was first founded in 1994 with the foundation of the Medical Faculty. Medical Biochemistry laboratories have been in operation in Moris Şinasi Campus area since the beginning of 1995. Our department has been moved to Uncubozköy campus area, Hafsa Sultan Hospital and Medical Faculty building in 2012. 

Five professors and one assistant professor are full time working at our department. Currently 2 medical doctors are still in training as assistant doctors in our department. Our academic staff is giving over 200 lectures, interactive lessons, practical and elective courses to the first, second and third year Medical School students. In graduate education we have a master’s degree program at the Institute of Medical Sciences. In graduate programs our department staff is also giving lectures on Exercise Biochemistry, Metabolism, Hormones, Entrepreneurship in Health and Elective Medical English at the master’s and doctorate programs of the School of Physical Education and Sports .

Medical Biochemistry Department of the Medical Faculty provides a complete array of laboratory testing and services for all Medical Center patients. The department is responsible for both medical and technological oversight of the clinical laboratories for over 200 different tests in emergency lab, biochemistry, endocrinology, urine, whole blood count, coagulation, therapeutic drug monitoring, pregnancy screening, blood gas assays, allergy, flow cytometry-immune phenotyping, electrophoresis, enzyme, immune assay, radioimmune assay, trace element and metabolism sections. Our laboratory is working in accordance with the rules of the Ministry of Health Services hospital quality standardization system. Within the framework of our hospital ISO9001 certificate our laboratory is undergoing regular inspections.

Since the foundation of our laboratory our laboratories have participated in the international quality control programs, the quality of the services we provided has been documented. 

Our department provides an intensive thesis, project, and scientific research service available to all departments by its advanced technological infrastructure and experienced staff.

We have a total of 33 graduates; 7 master’s students and 26 medical doctors in specializations of Medical Biochemistry.


Taciser ARSLAN M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemistry-1998

Hilal ÖZILGILI - M.D. Specialist in Medical Biochemistry-1998

Metin AYTEKIN Masters Degree -1999

Muhittin AKYILDIZ M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2000

Dr. Sevcan TANÜLKÜ M.D Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2000

Nebahat BIÇAK ERTILAV M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2000

Kübra DURKAN Masters Degree -2001

Barış YAR Masters Degree -2001

İbrahim KAHRAMAN  Masters Degree -2001

Yeşim GÜVENÇ M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2003

Kayhan GÖKTALAY M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2003

Banu IŞBILEN M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2004

Serdar SEVEN M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2004

Sedat ABUŞOĞLU Masters Degree -2005

Hüseyin Tuğrul ÇELIK Masters Degree -2005

Mustafa ALTAŞ M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2005

Huri ALDIRMAZ Masters Degree -2006

Özlem TUNCER GÜNAY M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2007

Metin DEMIR M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2007

Nesrin ÖZLEN M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2008

.Gürol  Şahin ULUTAŞ M.D Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2009

Nurser ARIFOĞLU M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2009

Esat KILIÇ M.D Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2009

Derya GÜLEÇ M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2009

Ferda DOĞAN BOZYIĞIT M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2010

Mehmet ÇALKAN M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2010

Turgut AKTAŞ M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2010

FERHUNDE PULULAR M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2011

Aysun BİLGİ YEDEKCI M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2012

Soner ERDIN M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2012

Sezen IRMAK GÖZÜKARA M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2013

Sema BILGE M.D.Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2013

Ceyhun GÖZÜKARA M.D. Specialist in Medical Biochemsitry-2013


Dr. Fatma TANELİ, MD, Professor, (Head of Department)

Dr. Zeki ARI, PhD, Professor

Dr. Cevval ULMAN ,MD, PhD, Professor

Dr. Ece ONUR MD, Professor

Dr. Yeşim GÜVENÇ, MD, Assistant Professor

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