Department of Medical Biology

Laboratories and capacity, study topics in Medical biology department.
There are research facilities such as DNA isolation and PCR applications, polymorphism studies, RT-PCR-based gene expression methods are used in the field of molecular medicine in the medical Biology department. Various scientific research topics (molecular biology, cytogenetic, molecular genetics, molecular diagnosis and cancer biology etc.) in national and international levels can be studied.
The members of department give counseling for researchers, graduate and postgraduate students in the fields of Medical Biology and Genetics and also continue researches and projects carried out with both our Department and the other clinical disciplines.  There are also collaboration with other universities and research centers in order to  run  common research projects.

Department of Medical Biology is conducting both undergraduate education for medical students of semester I  and Medical Biology master's degree program in the Institute of Health Sciences. Since its foundation 22 Master of Science students graduated and Master of Science students (n=11) still continues in Medical Biology and Genetics Program. Required applications have been made for PhD program in Department of Medical Biology and is expected to ensue.

Research fields of Prof. Dr. Mehmet KORKMAZ;

Investigation of Molecular Biology of Cancer and Epidemiology (Cervix, Prostate)
Investigation of defining Epigenetics-based new cancer markers in Gastro-intestinal cancers.
Boron Xenobiotics and its metabolic effects. molecular biological and epidemiological studies on boron.  
Researches in defining potential mutagens and carcinogens in Genetics Toxicology.
Investigation of  cytotoxicity, cell signaling pathway, cytoskeleton and apoptotic effects of new synthesized chemothrepeuratics agents in bening and maling  cell culture.

Research fields of Assistant Professor Nuray ALTINTAŞ;

Cytogenetic studies in pre- and postnatal cell culture;(Peripheral blood, bone marrow, amniotic cells, abortion material, CVS, cordocentesis)Polymorphism studies; (Y-microdeletions, Schizophrenia COMT gene, Sports Genetics (actin gene),PCR, RLFP sequence technique and selected exon studies in Retinitis pigmentosa.

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