Department of Medical Pharmacology

The Pharmacology Department was established in 1995. Research Assistants are admitted to our department upon passing the National Specialization Exam for Medical Doctors. Vacancies are opened according to the Department’s needs. Specialization training in this field takes four years.  Research assistants also go on Nucleer Medicine rotation. At the end of the second year they enter the adequacy exam and then start working on their thesis. Masters programs in our department are available according to the rules of the Institute of Health Sciences.  

Our Department gives theoretical and practical general and special pharmacology lessons to term II and III Medical Faculty students and gives theoretical general pharmacology lessons to term 2 Nursing and Midwife School students. 

In our Department, lessons are given on a daily basis throughout the week and each week a seminar and an article hour is also held.  

Presently our Department is run by 3 Academic Staff members.  Our Department was headed by Prof. Ercüment ÖLMEZ M.D. Under the Science Citation Index, we are credited with 110 publications. Our Department has graduated 2 M.D. Specialists and 10 Master students. In the department there are two research laboratories including in vivo and in vitro systems and a cell culture laboratory. In the research laboratory, we have the equipment to conduct cardiac ischemia perfusion studies, psychopharmacological studies, isolated organ studies (heart, trachea etc.), western blot, experimental pain studies and epilepsy studies.

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