Department of Neurology

Celal Bayar University was set up in Manisa on 11.07.1992. The medical school was established  in March 1994 The first academic year has started in 1995-1996 The new building belonging to Moris Sinasi Childrens’ Hospital was allocated as University  Hospital and research units of the  Medical Faculty in January 1995. 

The Department of Neurology started as out-patient clinic.

During this period, Assistant Professor Dr. Tahir Kurtulus Yoldas, who was in staff of Neurosurgery Department.He was in charge of Neurology Unit.

Around  the end of 1995, in patient units were in operation In December 1996, Associate Professor Dr. Hikmet Yilmaz joined the staff. In March 1997, Associate Professor Dr. Hatice Mavioglu commenced. Ass. Prof. Dr. Tahir Kurtulus Yoldas left the staff in 1998 At the moment The Department of Neurology’s current staff is:


Subspecialty out-patient clinic was founded for demyelinating diseases and epilepsy in 1997, for epilepsy in 1998, for extrapyramidal diseases and dementia, for headache and Algology  , neuromuscular diseases in 1999 and Neuro-Behçet’s disease in 2004. In addition there are  4 beds for polysomnography examinations for sleep disorders.

There isalso subspecialty out-patient clinics for  extrapyramidal diseases, headache, neuromuscular diseases, dementia, and demyelinating diseases, and for administration  of botulinum toxin on periodical basis,  cerebrovascular diseases, epilepsy, and sleep disorders.


The research assistants work in the ward, out-patient clinic, emergency service, clinical consultations of the whole hospital, and subspecialty out-patient clinic with rotations of one month period under primary supervision of neurology specialist and secondary supervision of responsible academic member. The academic staffs are responsible  in the subspecialty out-patient clinic and in the ward. 

Currently ,number of beds in Neurology Department is 22 in our new building of hospital,with our intensive care unit with 4 beds.

Organization and academic training: 

(1 day per week – 1.5 hours of seminary/conference/clinical-pathological conference (CPC), 

1 week per month: neurology periodical  screening meeting 

1 day per week: mini case-report discussions and detailed meeting of round visit 

2 days per month: mini conference and meeting of specialist-research assistant-nurse in the Intensive care unit, 

1 day per month: Meeting of neurology-neuroradiology

Our academic members also have conference hours for the research assistants. The research assistant have 2 examinations with intervals of 6 months. 

Dr.Deniz SELÇUKİ, MD, Professor, (Head of Department)

Dr.Hatice MAVİOĞLU, MD, Professor

Dr.Hikmet YILMAZ, MD, Professor

Dr.Ayşin KISABAY, MD, Specialist

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