Department of Parasitology

Department of Medical Parasitology was initially established by Assoc. Professor Ahmet Özbilgin as a branch of Department of Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology in 1994, and has been serving as a free department since 1999.

Department of Medical Parasitology is involved in theoretical and practical education of Medical Faculty Term I, Term II and Term III students, training of residents of Medical Microbiology Department and MsC and PhD programs of Institute of Health Sciences. Education and research activities are carried out by 5 professors, and one associate professor in the Department of Medical Parasitology. 

There are four laboratories in our department: Clinical Parasitology and Coprology, Immunoparasitology, Molecular Parasitology and Cultivation. Advanced diagnostic methods are applied for the routine detection of parasitic agents in these laboratories within direct contact with the clinics of our university hospital.

In addition to the training and routine diagnostic services, many national and international projects, as well as MsC and PhD thesis studies are conducted in our research laboratories. 

Dr.Nogay GİRGİNKARDEŞLER, PhD, MD, Professor (Head of Department)

Dr.Ahmet ÖZBİLGİN, PhD, Professor

Dr.Ülgen Zeki OK ,MD, Professor

Dr.Kor YERELİ ,MD,PhD, Professor

Dr.Cüneyt BALCIOĞLU, MD,PhD, Professor

Dr.Ali KİLİMCİOĞLU, MD, PhD, Associate Professor


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