Department of Radiology

Celal Bayar University Medical Faculty Department of Radiology was first founded  by Serdar TARHAN MD in 1994. An analog x-ray system, a fluoroscopy, and an ultrasound were the first modalities which were began to be used in 1995. The first residents of the department started education in 1998, and since then we graduated a total of 24 specialists in Radiology who are working all over Turkey. Six professors, an associate professor, a radiology specialist and 9 residents are currently working in our department. We have a 1.5 Tesla MRI, two CT scanners one single slice, the other a multi-dedector with 128 slices, a digital fluoroscopy, 2 digital x-ray units, a conventional x-ray with CR, a conventional mammography with CR, 5 Doppler Ultrasound systems are present in the department. Interventional vascular radiologic procedures are performed with the angiography used together with the cardiology department. Nonvascular interventional procedures are also performed in our department in guidance of ultrasound, fluoroscopy CT and mammography. Our department has the capability of performing all imaging and non-vascular interventional procedures with the equipment present in the clinic. The neuro-radiology and pediatric radiology sub-specialty departments are also established in 2014.

Dr.İ.Şebnem ÖRGÜÇ, MD, Professor (Head of Department)
Dr.Yüksel PABUŞÇU, MD, Professor
Dr.Cihan GÖKTAN, MD, Professor
Dr.Gökhan PEKİNDİL, MD, Professor
Dr.Serdar TARHAN, MD, Professor
Dr.Mine ÖZKOL, MD, Professor
Dr.Gülgün YILMAZ OVALI, MD, Associate Professor
Dr.Fatih DÜZGÜN, MD, Specialist

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