The Faculty of Medicine is an important institution not only for the science of our country and science of the world in the macro sense but also for our city and university in the micro sense. Our institution has a locomotive function fort he valuable university of our city. It includes the university hospital to offer the best health service which our people deserve and the educational unit where the wise doctors will be trained to whom we will be submitting our health which is the most valuable thing in our lives.Both of these units seem far from competition and below the standards in the international sense with its current state. We have demanded this post to bring a new understanding of administration which focuses on the solution, transparent, human-centered with high performance in both units. We aim an institution to which our students will attend safely and feel the faculty life and higher education in the real sense with a high standard medicine science institution and aim a hospital which is the most ideal for the people of Manisa with a warm and welcoming attitude of personel from whom people can have a safe health service. For this purpose, we are trying to gather the services of the Faculty of Medicine, public and the organised industry regions and we long for that. In this sense, we will keep on consulting and working with our previous administrators to provide our institutional memory. We will be together with our students more to perform this standard education with high targets. Because of the continuity characteristics of the Medicine education, we will be attributing a special importance to the post-graduation period. By doing so, we will orient our assistant doctors studying in the Faculty of Medicine to the international standards. The main target of our global approach in the continuity of education both before and after the graduation of the Faculty of Medicine is to establish a total quality management We want to be able to do the following of the academic performance at our institution. Hence, we have founded the required commissions quickly since the first day of our administration and made out our organised administrative scheme. We want to spread our administrative plans to a wide scope which will include all our professors to be able to follow this wide perspective. We will set targets and do projects to rise the publication, scientific performance and the success of our professors to the national and international standards. Our aim is to have a Faculty of Medicine with a working, producing, marketing Manisa which will have a welcoming and warm relationship with all kind of local and general institutions related with the health and will turn out to be a trade mark as city and leave this Facuty and university hospital deserving Manisa to the next administrations.

I wish all our students and university staff a healthy and successful educational year.

Dr.Süleyman Sami İLKER MD,Professor

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