As of 01 September 2009 with the application of the Regulation of Education-teaching and Examination in the Faculty of Medicine, the acceptance and registration of students, education-teaching, examinations, diploma and drop-out transactions have been carried out by Levent GÜRBULAK, Recep YILDIRIM, Zerrin BUNG and Abdurrahman VURAN in the Office of Student Affairs.

The process in our faculty is run in councils on the basis of integrated order according to subjects and systems in Basic and Clinical Medicine Science in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd semesters, each one of the lessons' completing each other. The theoretical lessons belonging to each semester, practical laboratory and competence implementations are given as combined in lesson councils. The education of clinic sciences in the IV and V. Semesters are implemented as trainings. The VI th semester is for inturn period. The aim of the idea of inturn period is to let the student do the clinical applications of the competences and knowledge acquired in the previous years by the student and gain medical experience and competence and bring the level of the candidate doctor's knowledge and competence to the level which he can execute as a doctor.

The Deanship determines some Supervisor professors by the proposal of the Pre-graduation Education Commission before the educational year starts so that they could asist students in handling the problems they may encounter related to education-teaching at the Faculty of Medicine. The supervisor professor keeps on supervising the student since the beginning of his or her starting the faculty up till the graduation of the student.

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